About us

Play your way through the ancient world at Hitpoints & History, an interactive, virtual archaeogaming conference connecting academics, professionals, and gamers - regardless of character level! Join us as we explore the open world of archaeogaming through livestreams, workshops, and collaborative gaming events. 

How Did Hitpoints and History Come About?

Megan and Lexie were having a customary geek out about Assassin’s Creed, while lamenting about the challenges of COVID-era Zoom conferences. They felt sure there was a better answer, so combining their love of video games and the ancient world, they set out on a quest to reimagine online conferences!

What is unique about Hitpoints and History?

Hitpoints & History connects modern societies to ancient worlds in a born-digital conference. Using interactive virtual tools, we are building accessible, interdisciplinary learning communities to reshape ancient reception. Hitpoints & History is an ambitious quest to broaden the field and make some friends along the way.

About The Ozymandias Project

The Ozymandias Project’s mission is to connect modern societies to ancient worlds by facilitating conversations about the ancient world through the lens of contemporary storytelling and to improve and expand accessibility to information about the ancient world and the people who are influenced by it. The Ozymandias Project consists of Ancient Office Hours, their bi-monthly podcast, Pnyx, their digital magazine, and an Archaeogaming program creating curated material for classrooms. Find out more about The Ozymandias Project and their team here!

About Digital Hammurabi

Digital Hammurabi is a public outreach/digital humanities project/creative brainchild of Assyriologist Megan Lewis. Megan is ably assisted by a number of friends and colleagues. Information on the whole team can be found here. Our aim is to provide reliable, accurate information about the Ancient Near East (that's modern Iraq and the surrounding area!) in an entertaining and engaging fashion. If it's anything to do with ancient languages, history, or culture, then you are in the right place and we hope you enjoy what we do!